Front and back cover digital mockup 
Back (Digital- Procreate)
Front (Pencil illustration edited on Photoshop plus stickers drawn on Procreate)

Poster depicting the first bands I remember hearing
(Gouache, coloured pencil and Procreate)

An article-style depiction of the mixtapes my parents made me for my third and fourth birthdays 
 (Pencil illustration and digital)

Victorian medicine advert depicting my embarrassing emo phase
(Coloured pencil collage,  ink and Procreate)

Board game advert depicting  a gig I played at The Fleece in Bristol, supporting one of my favourite bands at the time 
(Digital- Procreate)

Palm reading poster depicting the balancing act between my degree and musical interests
(Gouache, coloured pencil, ink and digital- Procreate and Photoshop)

Two page comic depicting meeting my boyfriend and all the musical inspiration that came along with him
(Coloured pencil)

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