Hello, my name is Caitlin and I'm a 23 year old illustrator currently based in Dorset. 
During my studies at Plymouth College of Art, I discovered a passion for colour, texture and somewhat unusual subject matter. 
Despite my love for disconcerting scenes and images, I have a massive appreciation for colour and pattern, and with a keen eye for detail, will often create very busy pieces, that sometimes  need a quite close examination to spot some of the more subtle elements.

My enthusiasm for illustration is also very much spurred on by my obsession with music. I play bass in a psych rock three piece, with this, seeing live bands (usually at End of the Road festival), watching films and, of course, illustration being my favourite things to occupy my time with . These musical focuses have impacted my work massively, and I am very keen on working within the music industry as much as I can, with an interest in album artwork, gig posters and band merch design, I hope to acquire as much relevant work as possible!

Feel free to check out my Twitter, Instagram, email me for information/enquiries and hire me for a specific job through Twine using the links below!​​​​​​​